ENGAGEMENTS | Rachel & Ryan

Rachel and Ryan are photogenic.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise, because they’ll tell you all about how they don’t know how they’re supposed to act in front of the camera.  But that’s the thing, isn’t it?  You shouldn’t be acting in front of the camera.  True, we might make you stand in a particular spot.  And we also might gently pose you at a certain angle.  But after that it’s all about looking into the eyes of the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with and just being yourself…and laughing at my jokes…definitely laugh at my jokes.  Although Ryan’s a local Lafayette boy, Rachel hails from way up north of I-10 (Wisconsin to be more specific).  I certainly have never been to Wisconsin.  In fact, everything I know of Wisconsin comes from beer commercials and old That 70’s Show reruns.  But I do know this.  It’s cold up there.  Like, real cold.  So it says a lot that this southern boy would follow the love of his life to a land of ice and snow.  But New Orleans holds a special place in both of their hearts, so when it came time to choose a wedding location they decided the Big Easy would be the optimal location.  So I left Lafayette early one morning the meet up with these two in the city for sun rise….which we totally missed.  But luckily there was enough cloud cover and shade from tall buildings to create a set of stunning images of two amazing people.  We can’t wait for their big day later this year, it’s going to be awesome!