WEDDINGS | John & Kelley

The great thing about weddings is how perfectly imperfect they are. So as the rain came down, John and Kelley decided it wouldn’t come down on their love parade. Through sheer determination they managed to will the rain to stop just long enough to walk down the aisle and say “I do”. As soon as the wedding party was inside it started coming down again. But as they say, the show must go on. So they danced in the rain, moved all the food inside, and had the time of their lives!

From the moment Jon sat down in Kelley’s tattoo chair they both knew that it was love at first sight. With a common love for rock climbing, Kelley and Jon bought the local rock climbing gym and remodeled it in June of 2016.  Married outside of Jon’s parent’s house in Opelousas, Louisiana this rainy day in March set a magical scenery for the two to pronounce their love for one another. Kelley, dressed from head to toe in astonishing white lace, brought sunshine to this rainy day as she walked down the aisle. After joining hands in matrimony this timeless couple and their wedding guests continued the celebration by dancing in the rain, enjoying a delicious three tiered cake and laughing until they couldn’t laugh anymore.