WEDDINGS | Jarvis & Kesha

Don’t ever let them tell you that video games are a waste of time.  I met Jarvis through the virtual world on Xbox.  And while Jarvis and I were busy shooting aliens, on rare occasion Kesha would  talk to me over the headsets.  Most of the talk would center around their hypothetical future wedding.  I’m not even sure they were engaged back then.  But lucky for us, when the time did come we were first on their list for photographers.  So we packed a bag and made the 3 hour drive to a wonderful little city named Brookhaven, MS!

We absolutely fell in love with downtown Brookhaven!  The charming streets are lined with the kinds of shops you only find in small towns.  Similar to New Iberia or Rayne only more…I believe “classically southern” is the term I’m looking for, although they live a good hour north of I-10 which practically makes them Yankees in our book.  But despite it’s northern nature, the town and it’s people radiate southern hospitality!  Jarvis and Kesha were married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the Ole Towne Church located in the Ole Towne neighborhood, modeled after the Garden District in New Orleans (complete with old Victorian homes boasting big yards and gently rolling hills).  We were greeted by their friends and family and immediately felt right at home (enough so that one of us even ended up in the middle of the dance circle later that night)!  We can’t wait to go back to Brookhaven (if you’re ever in town, we highly recommend the Inn on Whitworth!!!).  But until then, here are some of the highlights from the big day!